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Our expert guidance on real estate sales in Adelaide


Selling information guide

Here at JKC Real Estate, we understand how intimidating selling property can be, which is why we have compiled a few of our best tips to help you through the process. Here's what you really need to know about selling a house.



If you're thinking about selling your home, you should be aware of local market trends. You should also be aware of any economic changes that may make it difficult for potential buyers to purchase a property. The good news is that there are always buyers looking for high-quality properties. The marketing process has become much more sophisticated and widespread as a result of the internet and modern technology. However, it is best to consult with a real estate agent for the most up-to-date information on the best time to sell in your area.

Property Price


It's no secret that correctly pricing your home is one of the most important aspects of successfully selling a property. You want to make sure your home is neither overpriced nor under-priced in comparison to other homes on the market. The key is to strike a happy medium in which you appeal to the greatest number of buyers while not leaving too much money on the table. Again, a real estate agent will be invaluable in assisting you in determining an appropriate asking price for your home.


Once you've decided when and how much you want to list your home for, make sure it's in excellent condition. This could include making cosmetic changes like painting or refinishing floors. It may also entail decluttering and thoroughly cleaning your home from top to bottom. The goal is to make your home as appealing to buyers as possible so that they will pay your asking price.

Selling a property

Method of sale

Depending on the property and circumstances, the best way to market and sell real estate varies. The three most common ways to sell a home are through an exclusive listing with a real estate agent, by the owner or at auction.

If you are selling a higher-priced property, such as a family home, an exclusive listing with a real estate agent is usually the best option. This gives you complete control over the marketing and sale of your property. You will also have access to their network of potential buyers.


Selling by owner is more common for lower-priced properties, such as apartments or investment properties. This method necessitates more effort on your part because you will be responsible for marketing your home and showing it to potential buyers.

When there is a lot of interest in a property or when the property is unique, an auction is most commonly used. As it is often done in a shorter time frame, this method can be more stressful.

The decision on how to sell your home should be based on your unique circumstances. Whatever method you use, make sure you do your homework to ensure a successful sale.


JKC Real Estate is here to help with all your buying, selling, renting and investing goals. If you're thinking of buying or selling property in Adelaide, we would be more than happy to assist you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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